busy working

All work no fun.

Well that's not entirely true. I love my job and I find it rewarding focusing my time on it! After finishing a lifetime of education, it feels good to actually do what I have prepared myself for. When that's being said, I do miss this too. I figured, a post a month is better than nothing!

Shades Tom Ford - Shirt Polo Ralph Lauren - Jeans Tramarossa - Sneakers Common Project 

The Man Box

What if you once in a while could get treated with the perfect grooming products, without even bother going to the mall? With out even thinking of what you might need, or what products that is actually any good for you. What if you can get a man box delivered on your door step every third month with exactly what you need to stay fresh? What if the Man Box actually existed?

I have officially received my first Man Box and I love what's inside. Well, half of the excitement is the unboxing itself! This round, I got some really cool wristbands, an eye gel, shower gel, a razor and a hair mask. I've already emptied the shower gel and eye gel! Can't wait to try the rest. 

Glossy Box are the ones behind the Man Box, and I guess the concept is quite the same. You'll subscribe for a box delivered to you every third month and then you're all set for what ever may come your way! Check it out here.

norwegian summer

Not much can compete with a Norwegian summer. Objectively speaking, of course. When the temperature and weather is peaking, there's no place I'd rather be then along the Norwegian coast. This weekend was one of these peaks, and a high peak as well.

My good friend Hedvig, and her family, invited to the biggest summer party of the century on an island close to Krager. More than a hundred people were invited, and the agenda for the weekend was not very complicated; have the time of your life. We did. Here's a bunch of pictures.

Preparing for the first party, the jungle party / / Jane and a guy who sucks at dress up

The flamingo girl (the best host) / / Two guys who definitely missed the dresscode

"This looks jungle-ish right?" / / Anananananas

Some people are just better at dress-up...

Always a functioning DJ booth / / The Swedes won the dress-up by far..

Then the real party started!

The master chef (for more than 100 people!!) / / Turnt

Had the best time with such great people

My modest friend, Julie / / We won all the competitions (almost true story)

Beautiful people

The perfect picture to end it all with...

Since I've spent up basically all my leave with my Asia travels earlier this year, I don't have much summer vacation this year. BUT, if a short weekend like this can be this much fun, I won't complain. Thank you guys!

giveaway friday

It's Friday and I guess everyone is having a perfect day already. I thought I might try to make your day even better, by giving away a pair of the freshest loafers you can find.

The Norwegian brand Swims wants me to give away a pair of their coolest shoes yet, the Breeze Leap Lazer Loafer. It's a super light loafer, with 360 ventilation, which makes it the perfect summer shoe. All you got to do is go to my Instagram here - @kjetillundstein, follow me and tag a friend in my latest post! 

Tee Holzweiler - Pants United Arrows - Shades Tom Ford - Shoes Swims

I will announce one lucky winner next Sunday, so make sure you participate by then! Good luck.

vlog: copenhagen with astrid s

As you might have been able to tell, we had an amazing trip to Copenhagen this weekend. I also promised I would publish a vlog from the trip, and here it comes. It is basically just Astrid and I doing lots of bullshit, but hey, I think that's super funny. Enjoy!

I guess we should do this more often, huh?

christiania rebels

I wish I could travel more... Being all over, meeting amazing people everywhere, gives me such joy and energy. Now that I'm back (again...) I get so drained! To make time pass by though, I just watch these killer pics from Christiania.

Astrid and I ran into a really cool Henrik Vibskov pop-up shop at Papiren. We each bought ourselves a jacket, that both looked killer. Fallen in love with mine already! Astrid's looks crazy dope too.

takeover copenhagen

So, Astrid and I decided to take a spontaneous trip to one of the coolest cities on the planet, Copenhagen. We have been talking about doing something like this in a long time, but never had the chance or time. The fun part was, we were only going to spend one night. How do we get to have as much fun as possible, for only two days? Well I know some people.

We met up with a friend of mine, who brought some other friends and the rest is history. I'll give you a little vlog later this week!

We had such an amazing time, that we are already planning our next trip. See you soon Copenhagen!


It's finally Friday and after working late I'm so freaking ready to get home and start enjoying the weekend. Even though I have no specific plans, I'm sure this will be a good one. Happy Friday people!

Shit. I forgot I got work tomorrow...

work mode

I'm finally starting to feel comfortable back home. Being in the mountains this Easter kinda helped me realize I'm no longer on a tropical island. Especially considering the extreme amount of snow... Being back at work again also feels really good. I'm becoming more and more effective, and spend less time walking around wondering what to do. It feels good!

Jacket Emilio - Sweater Valentino

To my Norwegian readers; Jeg selger en hel haug med klr p Tise om dagen og oppdaterte i dag med en rekke nye ting p profilen min. Selger blant annet jakken p bildet over! Sjekk meg ut p @kjetillundstein hvis du er interessert.

reality check

After I got back from my trip I have basically gone by acting like nothing really happened. Like everything was back to normal. I got back to work on Monday, went to my family's cabin for Easter and now I'm back home again. I imagine that this is how the following days will be like. I don't mind it though, but I sure miss being out there, exploring. It will be a while until next adventure.

Sweater Holzweiler - Pants Hy-Tek - Sneakers Swims - Shades TBD Eyewear - Bandana Holzweiler

One difference though, is that I'm planning to continue updating my blog! Feels really good to be back.