norwegian summer

Not much can compete with a Norwegian summer. Objectively speaking, of course. When the temperature and weather is peaking, there's no place I'd rather be then along the Norwegian coast. This weekend was one of these peaks, and a high peak as well.

My good friend Hedvig, and her family, invited to the biggest summer party of the century on an island close to Krager. More than a hundred people were invited, and the agenda for the weekend was not very complicated; have the time of your life. We did. Here's a bunch of pictures.

Preparing for the first party, the jungle party / / Jane and a guy who sucks at dress up

The flamingo girl (the best host) / / Two guys who definitely missed the dresscode

"This looks jungle-ish right?" / / Anananananas

Some people are just better at dress-up...

Always a functioning DJ booth / / The Swedes won the dress-up by far..

Then the real party started!

The master chef (for more than 100 people!!) / / Turnt

Had the best time with such great people

My modest friend, Julie / / We won all the competitions (almost true story)

Beautiful people

The perfect picture to end it all with...

Since I've spent up basically all my leave with my Asia travels earlier this year, I don't have much summer vacation this year. BUT, if a short weekend like this can be this much fun, I won't complain. Thank you guys!

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