The Man Box

What if you once in a while could get treated with the perfect grooming products, without even bother going to the mall? With out even thinking of what you might need, or what products that is actually any good for you. What if you can get a man box delivered on your door step every third month with exactly what you need to stay fresh? What if the Man Box actually existed?

I have officially received my first Man Box and I love what's inside. Well, half of the excitement is the unboxing itself! This round, I got some really cool wristbands, an eye gel, shower gel, a razor and a hair mask. I've already emptied the shower gel and eye gel! Can't wait to try the rest. 

Glossy Box are the ones behind the Man Box, and I guess the concept is quite the same. You'll subscribe for a box delivered to you every third month and then you're all set for what ever may come your way! Check it out here.

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